Visit from Mr Michael McCann

The Boys’ School were privileged to host Mr Michael McCann, former MP of the Labour Party today. Mr McCann told us about life as a politician and reminded us how important the State of Israel is as a home to the Jewish people. Thanks to Eitan and Moshe for organising.

Beyond The Label

Two of Hasmonean’s Year 12 students, Adina R and Shira G, joined forces with GIFT to create a wonderful evening celebrating women and diversity. The concept of the show was their GIFT Midrasha class project.

Called “Beyond the Label”, it showcased a very diverse range of nineteen models from the community. Students, Kisharon clients and women with different abilities confidently strutted down the cat walk to a range of songs which asserted their style, such as Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this Way’.

Three very inspirational women spoke: Alexia Baron who created the clothing range Porto&Bello – when diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of a pandemic, she noticed that there was nothing which was comfortable and dignified to wear while having treatment.  Suzy Simons, who lost her sight and began a charity for the sight impaired to have support, spoke about her experiences. Finally, Debbie Rosten, who was ‘short and to the point’ emphasised that we all have to look beyond the label.

Thank you to Kinloss who provided the venue, to Valour who helped and inspired, as well as to House of Lancry, The Wardrobe, Fame and Alona Karen for dressing these wonderful women. Thank you also to all the wonderful women who did the hair and makeup, bringing all these fantastic looks together.

The event ran smoothly and slickly, giving time for the many attendees to mingle and enjoy an evening out. To see pictures and highlights of the night please check out @giftcharity on Instagram.



Boys’ School Trip to The Imperial War Museum

Our Year 9 boys recently spent a day at the Imperial War Museum.

One of the activities they took part in was ‘documentary challenge’, which involved filming their own mini documentaries in the First World War exhibition. The boys thought the Second World War galleries were really interesting and particularly enjoyed the ‘real life’ experience of what it must have been like to experience a bombing raid during the ‘Blitz’. They ‘hid’ in an Anderson Shelter. Another activity which brought history to life was sitting in a recreation of a 1940s living room. They could listen to the news on the ‘wireless’ and even lay in a Morrison Shelter which was a mattress under a table.

Thank you to all the staff involved in making this a memorable occasion.

Year 7 – Football News – We are the champions!

Our Year 7 football team were in very high spirits after an incredible 6-1 win against a good Ashmole Academy team. This successful win secured the first silverware in years for Hasmonean High School for Boys!

Our scorers were Akiva P., Joeli S., Ben N., and Mikael L.

The Man of the Match was Eitan A. with his incredible defensive play and strong captaincy, giving high level communication and structure to the players around him.

All of our Year 7 team played fantastically well together and we are very proud of their success!

Boys’ School Jack Petchey Winners, Spring/Summer 2022

Last week, three of our students won the latest round of Jack Petchey awards:
• Igal S.
• Zvi S.
• David T.

Igal was nominated for his kindness to others. Comments from his peers highlighted that ‘he is very nice to everyone’ and ‘never fights,’ and praised Igal for being ‘a good friend.’

Zvi was also nominated for his kindness to others, as well as voluntary work, with peers praising him for being ‘kind and gentle to everyone’ and being ‘a good person.’

David was also nominated for his kindness to others, with peers citing his niceness, patience and describing him as ‘really kind.’

They join this year’s previous winners (Yaacov B., Yisroel F., Gavi L.) in receiving a certificate and badge, and a £250 award to help a school department of their choice.

Scholars Programme Graduation

On Monday 16th May, Mr Markiewicz and Mr Simberg had the pleasure of taking some of our Year 10 and Year 11 students to King’s University.

The boys had spent a hard term working on the Scholars Programme which meant that they worked closely with a PhD scholar, studying and researching her area of expertise, skin regeneration. They studied in a series of small group university-style tutorials. Our researcher currently acts as a lecturer to students at university level, so it has been a unique opportunity for our pupils to experience university-style teaching.

We visited King’s in order to celebrate our pupils having completed their course and worked on their final assignments.

We went with several other London based schools and it really was quite the experience to sit in a lecture hall and have a tour around one of the country’s most historic and well performing universities.

Lag B’Omer

With bright sunshine and blue skies, Hasmonean set off on its Lag B’Omer adventures.

A plethora of coaches took the girls to Chessington where they had a wonderful day enjoying the rides and just being able to hang out and enjoy unstructured time together. They all received green wristbands with emergency number, HIPE Chessington stickers and ice pops as they boarded coaches. It was a day of sunny breezes with the Vampire ride as an absolute favourite.

The boys spent a day in the water with the Years 7 and 8 going to Fairlop Waters in Essex and our Years 9, 10 and 12’s going to The Wave, Coventry. The Year 7 and 8 boys came back from the trip and excitedly grabbed their burgers from the BBQ which was manned by Dovid Belovski from our HIPE team.

Thank you so much to HIPE for organising the day and to all the staff who ensured that every child had a safe and enjoyable time.

Year 12 Early Entry Day – Girls’ School

On Friday 6th May, our Year 12 girls had a series of workshops dedicated to providing guidance and insight into Medical, Dentistry, Veterinary, and Oxbridge applications.

A massive thank you to Mrs Langdon for her session on how to navigate admissions exams. We also had external visitors who came to talk to the girls. Dr Bergin spoke to them about Dentistry. He had a fascinating insight into life as a dental student and offered valuable expertise on expectations and gaining work experience.

Our alumni, Tamar Neville, came to speak to them of her experience of applying for and doing a medical degree. The girls were able to relate to her experience of being a religious young woman in a competitive career and she patiently answered millions of questions.

Dr Caroline Dewhurst spoke to both Years 12 and 11 about life as a Vet and the girls found this both intriguing and informative. We were also happy to invite back Anna Hastoy from Oxford University to continue her support to our girls with her expertise and insight for both Oxford and Cambridge applications.

It was a really productive day with many of our girls coming out enthused and motivated to start their own journey.

Thank you to Mrs Valencia for organising this very motivating event.

Christchurch College Oxford

Several Year 12 girls attended an educational tour of Christchurch College Oxford on Tuesday 10th May to understand the application process, entry requirements, as well as the life of an undergraduate in one of the world’s top universities.

Girls from Year 12 with aspirations to study at Oxbridge were invited to attend the Oxford College tour following an earlier visit from Oxford outreach staff to Hasmonean the previous week. The tour started with an hour-long presentation covering topics such as university fees, college applications and interviews, Oxford clubs and societies as well as an outline of the popular college courses. Pupils were given some free gifts and souvenirs and after lunch had a lengthy Q&A session with current third year undergraduates where the topics of A-Levels, work-life balance and life as a Christchurch student attending tutorials and lectures was discussed.

The girls then had the opportunity to discuss Jewish Life at Oxford with some Jewish students currently studying at the college followed by a tour of the campus and quads including a visit to the Great Hall dining area and Tom Tower used as locations for the Harry Potter movies. The Year 12 girls were hopefully inspired by the visit and had a flavour of the unique life at Oxford.

Imperial War Museum Trip

Our Year 9 students spent a very enjoyable and interesting day last week at the Imperial War Museum (IWM). The whole year group was invited to attend, regardless of whether they are studying for GCSE History or not.

The IWM is a wonderful museum which really brings the experience of war to life. It is a place where students can explore the causes and consequences of conflict, not only with regard to governments, but also how the lives of ordinary people were affected.

One of the activities they took part in was ‘documentary challenge’, which involved filming their own mini documentaries in the First World War exhibition.

Thank you to Rabbi Gaffin, Mrs Joffe, Mrs Abecasis, Mr Neagus, and Mrs Rand for staffing this trip with Mrs Yaros.