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Editorial 23.06.2022

Dear Parents There was much jubilation amongst Year 11 students as, for everyone except those taking Modern Hebrew, their GCSE exams finished today. One girl pointed out that they have done 23 exams and it has definitely been a marathon. However, it is a process that we are all profoundly grateful could happen this year […]

Editorial 16th June 2022

Dear Parent, In this week’s parsha, we learn about the role of the kohanim when lighting the menorah on a daily basis. We are told that, when the kohen would light the lamp wicks, he had to keep the flame next to the wicks until the fire took hold and was able to burn independently. […]

Visit from Mr Michael McCann

The Boys’ School were privileged to host Mr Michael McCann, former MP of the Labour Party today. Mr McCann told us about life as a politician and reminded us how important the State of Israel is as a home to the Jewish people. Thanks to Eitan and Moshe for organising.

Editorial – 09.06.2022

Dear Parent/Carer Above and Beyond Poor bar mitzva boy! If Parshas Nasso is your sedra, it’s the longest single sedra in the whole Torah. A whopping 176 pessukim. (The truth is the repetition of pesukim with the nesi’im bringing identical korbonos does make it easier!) It is striking to note that the longest chapter in […]

Beyond The Label

Two of Hasmonean’s Year 12 students, Adina R and Shira G, joined forces with GIFT to create a wonderful evening celebrating women and diversity. The concept of the show was their GIFT Midrasha class project. Called “Beyond the Label”, it showcased a very diverse range of nineteen models from the community. Students, Kisharon clients and […]

Boys’ School Trip to The Imperial War Museum

Our Year 9 boys recently spent a day at the Imperial War Museum. One of the activities they took part in was ‘documentary challenge’, which involved filming their own mini documentaries in the First World War exhibition. The boys thought the Second World War galleries were really interesting and particularly enjoyed the ‘real life’ experience […]

Scholars Programme Graduation

On Monday 16th May, Mr Markiewicz and Mr Simberg had the pleasure of taking some of our Year 10 and Year 11 students to King’s University. The boys had spent a hard term working on the Scholars Programme which meant that they worked closely with a PhD scholar, studying and researching her area of expertise, […]

Editorial 26.05.2022

Dear Parents and Carers, I would like to share with you two highlights of my week. The first was reading a letter from parents about the girls’ Poland trip that was sent to the trip leaders, Rebbetzin Taylor, Mrs Waugh, Miss Gelley, Miss Rabson and Rabbi Bennett: We just wanted to express our profound gratitude […]