Tu B’Shevat at the Girls’ School

The H.I.P.E team created the most fantastic Tu B’Shevat initiative on Monday which they named #ijuiced4jews. The event opened with an inspirational talk about gratitude and giving, in order to focus the students on the ideas of the day.

Afterwards, each girl was supplied with her own squeezer and bottle for a mass orange juicing session. Over 400 students worked hard to squeeze around 2000 oranges into bottles. Each student had an apron, gloves and personalised stickers to complete the look and add to the fun. Every bottle filled by a student was added to the count for her year group. There was a competition between the year groups as to who could make the most bottles of orange juice, which was won by Year 7.

The freshly squeezed orange juice bottles were then distributed by GIFT to families who would not otherwise have access to fruit for Tu B’Shevat.

There was a fabulous atmosphere in the hall, with the scent of hundreds of oranges heralding the arrival of spring!

Tu B’Shevat at the Boys’ School

A Tu B’Shevat to remember! We had a Cereal Killer Cafe which explored the different Shivas Haminim. 4 hours of cutting fruit and it was gone in a flash! It was a fantastic event which really celebrated healthy eating in a fun way.

D.A.Y.S Reward Trip

On Wednesday 12th January, nearly 60 Year 7 boys were rewarded for attending the D.A.Y.S morning minyan every day for the whole Autumn Term.

They went to Flip Out, Brent Cross to enjoy a jolly morning of bouncing and jumping, accompanied by Rabbi Fachler (the D.A.Y.S co-ordinator) and the Minyan Monitors from the upper years. All the boys, both young (and young-at-heart) had a fun-filled and well deserved reward for their commitment to davenning.

Hasmonean High School for Girls Save Memory of Polish Shtetl

Young Women of Hasmonean High School for Girls Save Memory of Polish Shtetl
Written by Ariella Garren

Six months ago, dozens of young women at Hasmonean High School for Girls organised themselves to translate the memorial book of the town of Parysow, Poland from Yiddish into English.

Over a thousand such books have been written, memorializing the life of Europe’s Jewry prior to the Holocaust, and documenting their tragic fate, but almost all were written in local Yiddish dialects. Due to the ever-changing nature of Yiddish as a language, a few decades later even native Yiddish speakers have a hard time understanding these books.

Year 12 student Ariella Garren found one of these books while researching her translation of the memoirs of a Holocaust survivor, Abraham Gutrejman, and her schoolmates volunteered to help her translate the memorial book of Mr Gutrejman’s hometown.

Using their knowledge of Hebrew and of Judaism, online tools, and with the help of elderly Yiddish speakers in our community, these young women have immortalized the memory of the town, now available at cost on Amazon as “The Parysow Yizkor Book: Life and Death of a Shtetl,” volume one of two. They have also compiled a glossary of difficult-to-translate Yiddishisms to help future generations of translators.

Students in the United States have volunteered to join the movement for the next translation in the series.

Hasmonean High School would like to express its pride in these young women who have, at such a young age, already contributed something of enduring value to the world.

The young women, themselves, hope that by raising awareness of the brutal potential of the human race, their efforts may help avoid future genocides.

Girls’ School – Football Update!

The recent Girls’ School football match against St James Catholic School started off like a table tennis match: 1-0 to them, then an equaliser, followed by 2:1 to Hasmo. Another equaliser from SJC, another goal from Hasmo and SJC equalised again!

The intensity increased and SJC started mastering their substitutions. Our Year 7 team of Tsofia N, Racheli L, Bracha D, Adina Y and Michal BW played without any substitutes. This was a real challenge for the team, but they rose admirably to that challenge. The PE Fitness SOW paid off and girls showed good muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness and skilful ball control in defeating their rivals.

It was an absolute pleasure watching the Year 7 girls play their first fixture representing Hasmonean- especially winning 6-5 against a school who are in 2019 Barnet Football league.

Well done girls!

Girls’ School – Production of Matilda

This December, Hasmonean Girls pulled off their very own miracle of Page Street. Not Covid, not a burst water main, nor even a newt in Miss Trunchbull’s knickers could stop this sensational production of Matilda from being staged.

From the superb casting to the exciting ensemble and the phenomenal dancers- everything about this evening’s performance said loud and clear: ‘The Hasmo Show is back!’

The story of Matilda is a simple one, a tale of a young girl who finds her voice in the world with the help of her friends and her teachers. Dinah B shone as Matilda, with stellar support from Yehudit G as the charming Miss Honey, Sara B as the villainous Miss Trunchbull and Shoshi E, Shani J and Lily D as the rather revolting Wormwoods.

The two dances: School Song and Revolting Children deserve a special mention: after all, what is a Hasmo Show without the verve and vigour of the dance- can we have more next year please?

Thank you to everyone who made it possible to get this show on the road: Mrs Brice, Mrs Davis, Mrs Algranati; all the site team, the security staff, the administration team, and every single member of the Sixth Form involved in every single aspect of the production. You did yourselves and the school proud.

Matilda is not just about the performance, it is about the Achdus which is created amongst our girls, as well as the kindness and resilience they learn along the way. The show raises funds for the Poland trip, in order to ensure that no girl is left behind on this formative experience.

Kol HaKavod to all of you.

Multi-Faith Day at Hasmonean

The indefatigable Mrs Abecasis created a wonderful programme for Multi-Faith Day.

Mr Marcus and Mrs Katz delivered a slick Multi-Faith Day where the students were able to hear from our own magnificent speakers: Mrs Brice, Mr Heddle, Mr Sidhu, Mr Khan, and Mrs Shah about their faiths.

All our teachers spoke eloquently about Christianity, Sikhism, Islam and Hinduism, enabling our students to understand more about the wide world of faith that surrounds us. They all found the similarities and differences fascinating, as well as learning that there is far more that unites us than divides us.

Boys’ School Football News

What a week – 2 matches, 2 year groups, 2 HUGE wins.

On Thursday 2nd December, our Year 10 football team travelled to St James Catholic High School in Colindale. St James didn’t make it easy for the boys, but by half time Mendy L had scored an awesome shot flying past the goalkeeper. Assisted by Eli M and Osher K, Mendy L scored another goal in the second half. St James did manage to score a goal, but a final goal for Hasmonean came from Elai N who took possession of the ball 30 yards out and took a low but powerful shot. The shot went through the goalkeeper’s legs and into the net. Final score: 3-1 to Hasmonean.

The second game of the week was with the Year 9 Boys on Monday 6th December vs Bishop Douglas School in East Finchley. After a very back and forth match, Hasmonean won 4-2 with goals coming from Benji H (assisted by Uriel I-S), David B (assisted by Ben A), and two penalties from Benji H. This was a very tough game, in very hard conditions, but the Hasmo Boys worked as a team and came off victorious.

Year 10 are into the 3rd Barnet Cup and Year 9 are in the semi-finals! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

Girls’ School Kesher Programme

The word ‘Kesher’ comes from the Hebrew word, Lehitkasher – to make a connection, and that is exactly the purpose of the school Kesher programme. Each Year 7 student has been assigned a student in Year 12 to make a connection with. Each Kesher is there to support “their” Year 7 with the transition into secondary school; to provide guidance and help with any questions they might have.

Our Year 12’s created a reception line to welcome the Year 7’s as they arrived from their lessons into the school hall. Immediately, a buzz of excited conversations began, and it was wonderful to see the students make instant bonds.

This special Hasmonean tradition has led to lifelong friendships throughout our community, and we are delighted to continue it.

Chanukah at the Girls’ School

The hall was transformed with Chanukah decorations, disco lights and fairy lights heralding the Festival of Light.

On Monday the Sixth Form had a panel session on the meaning and messages behind internal beauty and inner confidence. This featured Miss Gelley and Mrs Naylor, as well as guest speakers, Atara Feld and Danielle Benardout. Mrs Hamer summed up the messages of the session and connected internal beauty to Chanukah. Each Sixth Former was given a complementary gift to inspire the students.

Tuesday, lesson 3, saw Year 10 immerse themselves in ‘’colour war.’’ They were split into two teams: the Maccabim and the Greeks. The tasks included: Chanukah dress-up, a dance off, art competition, songs, and more. They were judged by their esteemed staff, including Miss Gelley, Mrs Jacobson and Mrs MacNeill.

And of course…doughnuts were sold at lunch!

For lesson 6, Year 11 students were paired with Year 7 girls for an inspiring learning programme led by our very own Rabbi Bennett. The students were then split up into groups for a unique H.I.P.E adapted dreidel game followed by a Chanukah trivia quiz. At the end of the day, the activity was repeated with Years 8 and 9.

Wednesday was Chanukah carnival day: Years 10-13 had the hall for lesson 6 and Years 7-9 followed them. The carnival included an incredible Chanukah themed programme with activities ranging from glitter face paint, doughnut decorating, ‘Pan N Ice Cream’, electric car racing, and a fire show amongst others.

Thank you to all the HIPE team for creating such an imaginative and inspirational three days of events, and to all the staff for ensuring that the girls were in the right place at the right time!