Yom Ha’Atzamaut at Hasmonean Girls’ School

Israel’s 73rd birthday was celebrated with a difference at Hasmonean. After a heartfelt Hallel, HIPE and the Sixth Form turned the Hall into our own Machane Yehuda. There were food stands reminding us of our Israeli favourites: ice coffee, choco and orange juice from Café Aroma; croissants and muffins from Café Ne’eman; Catzefet cereal and whipped cream, pick and mix sweets and a watermelon stand.

Mizrachi came to provide a quiz and letter writing to Israeli soldiers. GIFT and Shalva also came in with activities and there was even an appearance from Na Na Nachman Ne’eman!

To keep everyone safe, the girls came into the decorated hall in year group bubbles during Thursday morning’s lessons.

After school, the Sixth Form celebrated with the traditional Israeli activity of a barbecue- on the hill rather than Tel Aviv beach!

While we all missed the dancing which is an integral part of our celebrations, the blue and white festivities certainly gave a feel of Israel to our corner of Mill Hill.