Year 8 Bar Mitzvah Extravaganza

The Year 8 boys all celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs together in a unique way on a one day at the Bar Mitzvah Extravaganza. Due to the fact COVID has seriously impacted their Bar Mitzvah year, the HIPE team decided to step in and give the boys a day they would never forget.

The students started the day with a minyan for Shacharis and a special breakfast. From there they were straight off to enjoy a morning of trampolining followed by Aqua Bounce UK for a splash of fun!

After this very active and busy day, the students were then sent home to get dressed in their suits. They returned to the transformed Hasmonean boys’ school hall, which had been decorated to present the Bar Mitzvah Seuda of a lifetime. Each boy had his own Mazal Tov board for friends to sign. There was also a photo booth, and arcade games galore were stationed around the hall.

The entertainment didn’t stop there – there was a live DJ, high tech lighting, silver service waiters, and a BBQ dinner. The boys were also privileged to hear Divrei Torah and words of Chizuk from Rabbi Golker, Menahel of the School. The boys had the time of their lives, able to celebrate freely and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

A huge thank you must go to all the generous sponsors who contributed to make the event possible, to Mrs Lebrett for actively supporting the programme from the onset, Rabbi Muster and Rabbi Golker for their support, and the HIPE team for all their hard work and planning.