Year 13 Girls’ School Shabbaton

The Hasmo Hotel reopened last weekend for some very special guests: the Year 13 graduates.

Mrs Paster, Miss Simonsson, Mrs Naylor, and Mrs Brice were the brave teachers who slept overnight at school. Ms Valencia was with them on Friday night, Miss Gelley walked up in the morning to join the girls, and Rabbi Bennett and his family walked over for lunch.

The theme was ‘Transitioning and Making the Right Choices’, with a group of alumni walking over to learn with the girls on that theme. Shiurim were also given by Mrs Paster and Miss Gelley. There was a novel ‘backwards panel’ where different girls were asked questions about their experiences of Hasmonean.

Thank you again to HIPE team who have really given their all to ensure these girls have had a magnificent end to their time at Hasmonean. Although, as we always say ‘you can take the girl out of Hasmonean, but you can’t take Hasmonean out of the girl’.