Year 12 Early Entry Day – Girls’ School

On Friday 6th May, our Year 12 girls had a series of workshops dedicated to providing guidance and insight into Medical, Dentistry, Veterinary, and Oxbridge applications.

A massive thank you to Mrs Langdon for her session on how to navigate admissions exams. We also had external visitors who came to talk to the girls. Dr Bergin spoke to them about Dentistry. He had a fascinating insight into life as a dental student and offered valuable expertise on expectations and gaining work experience.

Our alumni, Tamar Neville, came to speak to them of her experience of applying for and doing a medical degree. The girls were able to relate to her experience of being a religious young woman in a competitive career and she patiently answered millions of questions.

Dr Caroline Dewhurst spoke to both Years 12 and 11 about life as a Vet and the girls found this both intriguing and informative. We were also happy to invite back Anna Hastoy from Oxford University to continue her support to our girls with her expertise and insight for both Oxford and Cambridge applications.

It was a really productive day with many of our girls coming out enthused and motivated to start their own journey.

Thank you to Mrs Valencia for organising this very motivating event.