Y13 Graduation Girls

This year our Year 13 students were able to enjoy an almost normal graduation celebration. The planning was led by the Head Girl team who were keen to create a mix between formal and informal. The aim was to celebrate togetherness after having spent so much time apart in the past 14 months.

The evening began with the parents joining on zoom to hear Mrs Brice, Rabbi Golker, Tova Sharman (our Head Girl), Ms Valencia, and Mr McClusky celebrate the class of 2021. The themes of resilience, friendship and Hasmonean creating a foundation to build on were all touched upon. Ms Valencia managed to hold back the tears but it was a close call.

The HIPE team stepped up to organise the food with pizza, sushi and salads galore. They also had warm chocolatey crepes and our very own mocktail barman with a spectacular array of glass throwing tricks, as well as a superb range of mocktails.

Being Hasmo girls, there was plenty of impromptu singing and dancing. It was a very special evening, one which will be remembered by our girls for years to come.

Thank you to Ms Valencia for spearheading this year’s graduation.