Trip to Thorpe Park

Eighty-four students from Years 7-9 were rewarded for their high level of attendance at optional after-school kodesh EXTRA learning sessions. Their reward was a day at Thorpe Park, and the glorious sunshine made it extra special!

Their dedication to Kodesh is wonderful: thank you to the Kodesh team for inspiring our students and to the Kodesh EXTRA team for delivering this programme.

The girls had a wonderful day in the sunshine: Eliana A said that she ‘had a whale of a time, particularly enjoying the more stomach churning rides!’ Malka G enjoyed the Zodiac Ride, which was somewhat hair-raising, since there were no seat belts!

The accompanying teachers: Miss Simonsson, Miss Liley, Mrs Epton, and the HIPE team also had a great day in the sun with the girls.