Rosh Chodesh Adar – Girls’ School

Rosh Chodesh Adar was celebrated at the Girls’ School with the most beautiful singing of Hallel, made all the more special as it has been two years since we could sing as a whole school. The Hall was decorated with balloon arches, streamers and glow letters by our wonderful HIPE team, who led the girls in dancing at break and at lunchtime to usher in this month of joy.

#ADAR2022 was always going to be special. The theme of Adar ‘I’M A CHAMPION’ was launched with a video and a flash mob which had been created by the students themselves. It was so exciting to see the whole school singing and dancing to the same song- the hall came alive with the sheer joy and excitement of being a CHAMPION. The girls were all given ‘I’M A CHAMPION’ rosettes to wear. The Sixth Form and some staff enlivened the morning further with the traditional Frummy Friday as the dress code for the Sixth Form, culminating in an impromptu ‘Mitzva Tanz’ in the common room! In addition, doughnuts to support Ukraine were sold, in keeping with the mitzvah of Tzedaka which is so central to Purim. Over £200 was raised.