Mastering the Chumash

Rebbetzin Ehrentreu was the guest of honour at the Hasmonean Girls’ School assembly last Friday. She came to present fifteen girls with certificates upon their completion of Sefer Bereishis in the Master the Chumash programme. This is a new initiative in the Hasmonean Midrasha (Sixth Form Jewish Studies programme) whereby the girls learn three perakim (chapters) of Chumash each week with the aim of finishing the entire Torah during their time in the Midrasha. The advanced track includes learning all of the Rashi as well. The girls are tested monthly on their learning and have achieved consistently high results.

Rebbetzen Ehrentreu spoke about the importance of PAL – having a Positive Attitude towards Learning, and told the girls how impressed she was with their achievement. The girls were spellbound as she told them the story of Rosa Goldstein, whose life was saved because she was determined to keep Shabbos in America – a true example of perseverance to keep mitzvos no matter the circumstances. The entire school was left uplifted by Rebbetzen Ehrentreu’s visit together with the achievement of the Sixth Form girls.

Rabbi Dov Birnbaum, Head of Midrasha, commented: “it was a real honour for us to host Rebbetzin Ehrentreu at Hasmonean and gave us all tremendous chizzuk. A number of students have already asked me to join our Master the Chumash programme for Sefer Shemos!”

Rabbi Golker, Hasmonean’s Menahel, added: “It was an honour to welcome Rebbetzen Ehrentreu to our assembly. As I told our students, we were welcoming Jewish royalty to our school!” It was a wonderful opportunity for the Rebbetzen to see the amazing work that Rabbi Birnbaum is doing in the Midrasha.”