Lag B’Omer

With bright sunshine and blue skies, Hasmonean set off on its Lag B’Omer adventures.

A plethora of coaches took the girls to Chessington where they had a wonderful day enjoying the rides and just being able to hang out and enjoy unstructured time together. They all received green wristbands with emergency number, HIPE Chessington stickers and ice pops as they boarded coaches. It was a day of sunny breezes with the Vampire ride as an absolute favourite.

The boys spent a day in the water with the Years 7 and 8 going to Fairlop Waters in Essex and our Years 9, 10 and 12’s going to The Wave, Coventry. The Year 7 and 8 boys came back from the trip and excitedly grabbed their burgers from the BBQ which was manned by Dovid Belovski from our HIPE team.

Thank you so much to HIPE for organising the day and to all the staff who ensured that every child had a safe and enjoyable time.