Lag B’Omer Girls

The HIPE team and Mrs Paster got the tone just right on this difficult Lag B’Omer, following the tragedy in Meron. Staff including Rabbi Golker, Rabbi Birnbaum and Mrs Paster spoke to the girls in the morning, letting them know what had happened, helping them to understand the serious and sad sequence of events. She also explained that it was still appropriate to celebrate and then proceeded to present an informative video featuring the HIPE team sharing Lag B’Omer messages and life lessons.

Outside, the school grounds had been transformed into a fairground which included a bungee jump run, inflatables and dodgems! Each bubble went out in turn to enjoy this Hasmo fairground in the glorious sunshine. Some Year 11 and Year 13 girls opted to join the fun, giving them a very welcome break from revision.

Many staff, including the intrepid English Department, also had a go on the dodgems, fearing for their safety with some dodgy Sixth Form drivers.

Thank you to the HIPE team – Racheli, Hodaya and Shira – it was a blast!