Imperial War Museum Trip

Mrs Abecasis organised two brilliant trips to the Holocaust Galleries at the Imperial War Museum. Hasmonean was invited as a pilot school for their new education programme. They will be using their feedback to run the same programme for other schools. The museum was really impressed with our students. In turn, our students found the visits very rewarding.

We must bear in mind that our students will be the lead Holocaust educators in the future.

We have had so some lovely feedback from our students:

‘I learnt a lot about many personal experiences of the holocaust in great detail which really resided with me as a great grandson of survivors. Also, the pictures and facts they had were unbelievable and really boosted my knowledge. Lastly the mix of technology and data moulded together worked perfectly to make it an easy, interesting and worthwhile experience.’
By Zacharia B.

‘The Imperial War Museum Holocaust exhibition taught me a lot about the experiences of the unfortunate people in the Holocaust. I learnt a lot about how terrible the conditions were for minority groups targeted by the Nazi’s and how and why these disastrous events took place and how they developed into the Holocaust over time. I think the exhibition successfully conveyed important information very well and in an engaging way.’
Year 11 student

‘Our class trip to the Imperial War Museum was an experience that edified and enlightened us. Although many of us knew the raw dry facts about the tragic events of the holocaust, we had never experienced these with the raw and vivid detail with which they were presented to us in the exhibit. The sepia footage and images documenting the lives of Jews living ordinary lives in Europe were tinged with a subtle retrospective sadness. This was the general tone of the exhibit: one of connection with a past that is often disregarded to instead focus on the atrocities perpetrated, rather than the individual victims involved.
Saadya L.