Hasmonean’s Success!

Once again, Hasmonean is celebrating success. Three boys and two girls have been awarded offers at Cambridge to read a range of subjects, which include Computer Science, Maths, Philosophy and Engineering. They will hopefully be joining the current alumni at Cambridge, three of whom are currently reading Psychology at Jesus, Kings and Lucy Cavendish. Jesus College in particular has a proud tradition of successful Hasmonean students: there are three in residence at North Court this year. There has been a consistent presence of Hasmonean alumni at Jesus since at least 2012. In addition to the Cambridge success, one of the Year 12 girls will be starting at Columbia University next year.

Our students have achieved academic success whilst being heavily involved in both the school and the wider community. Not only is one of the candidates Deputy Head Girl, she also ran the Israel Society, attended UJIA Israel advocacy courses, and is a Madricha in Bnei Akiva. Another ran a school newspaper, tutored for GIFT and created a politics podcast. One of the boys qualified for the British Maths Olympiad, where he was awarded a Merit certificate, placing him among the top 500 Maths students in Britain.

Hasmonean students contribute across the community. Four joined KEF on its recent respite trip, many more volunteer for Shabbat Walk and a selected group of Sixth Formers are part of the Mizrachi Yehudi programme, which sends students into primary schools to inspire the next generation in their love of Jewish Studies. Four students are also JNF ambassadors.

This success is all the more remarkable when seen against the backdrop of an intensive Jewish Studies programme which takes up a considerable percentage of the school day. This has resulted in admissions to some of the top Sems and Yeshivot in Israel, such as Michlala, MMY, HaRova and Midreshet Tehilla; while the boys are accepted to Toras Moshe, Reb Tzvi’s, Beis Yisroel, Hakotel and Keren B’Yavneh.