Girls’ School Year 11 Shabbaton

Our Girls’ HIPE team are really something very special. Last Shabbat, they organised a wonderful Shabbaton for our Year 11 girls. With the aid of our exceptional Kevin, the hall was transformed into a banqueting space. The HIPE team also utilised the girls’ skills to create welcome packs, decorate the hall, create games, serve meals, and do the all-important toranut. With a theme of balance, they achieved the balance of the girls enjoying Shabbat together, as well as being invested in the entire experience.

Highlights included games led by Year 11 students, Rabbi Birnbaum and his family walking from Edgware to run a programme, and Rabbi Golker and his wife walking up to present a Q&A session and to speak at Seuda Shlishit.

The staff who attended on Friday night were phenomenal, losing a night’s sleep to ensure that Friday night was calm. Thank you to the night shift, which included Mrs Canoville, Miss Gelley, Miss Simonsson and our HIPE team.

A group of ten alumni (and Mrs Ellerman) walked up towards the end of Shabbat. These older girls spent time schmoozing and learning with the Year 11s – giving ideas about life after Year 11. One of the attendees described the Shabbaton as ‘exceptionally amazing’, running smoothly and creating the perfect balance of guided time and time just to chill.

The HIPE team were thrilled to be able to send off the students with such a positive last ‘Hasmo’ experience, and a well-deserved weekend together after showing such a balanced and positive attitude over the past 15 months.