Girls’ School – Production of Matilda

This December, Hasmonean Girls pulled off their very own miracle of Page Street. Not Covid, not a burst water main, nor even a newt in Miss Trunchbull’s knickers could stop this sensational production of Matilda from being staged.

From the superb casting to the exciting ensemble and the phenomenal dancers- everything about this evening’s performance said loud and clear: ‘The Hasmo Show is back!’

The story of Matilda is a simple one, a tale of a young girl who finds her voice in the world with the help of her friends and her teachers. Dinah B shone as Matilda, with stellar support from Yehudit G as the charming Miss Honey, Sara B as the villainous Miss Trunchbull and Shoshi E, Shani J and Lily D as the rather revolting Wormwoods.

The two dances: School Song and Revolting Children deserve a special mention: after all, what is a Hasmo Show without the verve and vigour of the dance- can we have more next year please?

Thank you to everyone who made it possible to get this show on the road: Mrs Brice, Mrs Davis, Mrs Algranati; all the site team, the security staff, the administration team, and every single member of the Sixth Form involved in every single aspect of the production. You did yourselves and the school proud.

Matilda is not just about the performance, it is about the Achdus which is created amongst our girls, as well as the kindness and resilience they learn along the way. The show raises funds for the Poland trip, in order to ensure that no girl is left behind on this formative experience.

Kol HaKavod to all of you.