Girls’ School Mental Health Awareness Week

On Wednesday, the Year 7 and 8 girls enjoyed a wonderful mental health event, created by their Year Leader, Ms Liley. The focus was on the environment and our mental health. The two are intertwined as without the beautiful, green environment our mental health can suffer.

After Rosh Chodesh Tefilla and Tehillim for the situation in Israel, 14 groups of girls headed to the hill in order to build tents. They had great fun doing this, working in pre-selected teams, so that they could get to know different girls. The great outdoors featured prominently in the morning’s activities as they also went litter picking and watched a video about the impact of plastic on the environment.

There was a wellbeing session after lunch, followed by a creative moment of painting ceramic plates with emblems of nature. The final session was listening to the Dr Seuss’ tale of the Lorax, read by Rik Mayall.

In all, this was a fabulous day out of the classroom, in the fresh air and being able to focus on the world around us. It was a tonic for everyone: seeing the girls laughing as the wielded their litter pickers in the sunshine certainly showed the value of these events.