Girls’ School HIPE Events – Years 7 & 8

The Year 7 girls who are celebrating their Bat Mitzvahs this term enjoyed a painting activity with Sharon Schachter. They created original and attractive masks using a range of acrylic paints. While the paint was drying, they signed and decorated boards for their friends. Mrs Taylor, Director of Jewish Living, spoke to the girls and presented each one with a sefer. The finale of the evening involved every young woman speaking about the significance of her name.

On Thursday 24th February, the Year 8 girls were treated to an afternoon of fun. At lunchtime they piled into coach to go indoor rock climbing at the Westway Climbing. As they were so near Westfield Shopping Centre, it made perfect sense to enjoy a scavenger hunt around the shops, looking for mannequins wearing blue beanies just like the HIPE ones, finding 50% signs, and a range of other challenges designed to bring the girls together. Back at school they created beautiful collages to present the theme of ‘climbing higher.’ Supper was a pizza fest of margarita pizzas and chocolate pizza! Finally, everyone sang their hearts out at a glow-stick kumzitz, where Michal Benisch added to the atmosphere with her exquisite guitar playing. One mother praised the event, saying:” It was a “most fabulous, smashing, awesome, much needed day for Year 8!”

Thank you to the HIPE team and all the staff who supported them to create and facilitate these two very special events.