Girls’ School Activities Event

The annual Activities Event kicked off to a great start on Monday. The girls marched up to Hendon Rugby Club for a somewhat different Sports Day. The first half of the day saw them attempt a range of challenges which included throwing balls into targets, hula hoop relays, netball shooting, obstacle courses, and hockey slaloms. Team leaders from each year group and a host of enthusiastic staff ensured that everyone had a fun morning. After lunch, the more traditional events began: shot putt, javelin and a range of races. Again, the team leaders ensured that as many girls as possible had a chance to compete. And, even if you weren’t competing, it was a perfectly sunny day to hang out in the grass and cheer your friends on!

On Tuesday, the girls enjoyed Theme Park Day: Years 7 and 8 went to Chessington and Years 9 and 10 to Thorpe Park.

Wednesday saw a phenomenal Grand Hasmo at the Girls’ School, with Mrs Jacobson and Mrs Miller deftly organising 357 students into four different slots to do activities such as fencing, mug painting, dance, sculpturing Easter Island inspired heads with Mr Bazen, inflatables, table tennis, football and beginners First Aid. One group of girls were given the chance to decorate Mrs Jacobson’s English classroom with a magnificent Macbeth mural. Thank you to our indefatigable events manager, Mr Tutty who ensured that everyone was in the right bubble at the right time going to the right event! Our Activities Event was more of a challenge to pull off than in past years and it was wonderful to see staff and students enjoying being at Hasmonean in a more relaxed environment.