Christchurch College Oxford

Several Year 12 girls attended an educational tour of Christchurch College Oxford on Tuesday 10th May to understand the application process, entry requirements, as well as the life of an undergraduate in one of the world’s top universities.

Girls from Year 12 with aspirations to study at Oxbridge were invited to attend the Oxford College tour following an earlier visit from Oxford outreach staff to Hasmonean the previous week. The tour started with an hour-long presentation covering topics such as university fees, college applications and interviews, Oxford clubs and societies as well as an outline of the popular college courses. Pupils were given some free gifts and souvenirs and after lunch had a lengthy Q&A session with current third year undergraduates where the topics of A-Levels, work-life balance and life as a Christchurch student attending tutorials and lectures was discussed.

The girls then had the opportunity to discuss Jewish Life at Oxford with some Jewish students currently studying at the college followed by a tour of the campus and quads including a visit to the Great Hall dining area and Tom Tower used as locations for the Harry Potter movies. The Year 12 girls were hopefully inspired by the visit and had a flavour of the unique life at Oxford.