Chanukah at the Girls’ School

The hall was transformed with Chanukah decorations, disco lights and fairy lights heralding the Festival of Light.

On Monday the Sixth Form had a panel session on the meaning and messages behind internal beauty and inner confidence. This featured Miss Gelley and Mrs Naylor, as well as guest speakers, Atara Feld and Danielle Benardout. Mrs Hamer summed up the messages of the session and connected internal beauty to Chanukah. Each Sixth Former was given a complementary gift to inspire the students.

Tuesday, lesson 3, saw Year 10 immerse themselves in ‘’colour war.’’ They were split into two teams: the Maccabim and the Greeks. The tasks included: Chanukah dress-up, a dance off, art competition, songs, and more. They were judged by their esteemed staff, including Miss Gelley, Mrs Jacobson and Mrs MacNeill.

And of course…doughnuts were sold at lunch!

For lesson 6, Year 11 students were paired with Year 7 girls for an inspiring learning programme led by our very own Rabbi Bennett. The students were then split up into groups for a unique H.I.P.E adapted dreidel game followed by a Chanukah trivia quiz. At the end of the day, the activity was repeated with Years 8 and 9.

Wednesday was Chanukah carnival day: Years 10-13 had the hall for lesson 6 and Years 7-9 followed them. The carnival included an incredible Chanukah themed programme with activities ranging from glitter face paint, doughnut decorating, ‘Pan N Ice Cream’, electric car racing, and a fire show amongst others.

Thank you to all the HIPE team for creating such an imaginative and inspirational three days of events, and to all the staff for ensuring that the girls were in the right place at the right time!