Boys’ School Music Concert

Our ears are still ringing from the wonderful sound of the boys’ choir who sang their hearts out at our excellent GCSE Specialist concert last night. The concert opened with the Year 7 and 8 boys singing the Cup Song, which provided each student with a small solo, as well as the joy of singing together in the choir.

The concert was a wonderful mix of piano solos, keyboard and piano duets, and guitar and saxophone performances. There were a lot of singers and duo performances, who were all of an impressively high standard.

The Year 9 and Up choir performed at the close of the first half and then both choirs joined forces at the end. Mr D’Cruz, our choir master, has really re-ignited the boy’s passion for singing and it was a wonderful addition to the concert.

The concert also featured compositions from students from Years 9-11 and we have some exciting immerging talent in our school!

Thanks to Mr D’Cruz and Mr Hattingh for their expert teaching and support of the students. Thank you to Mrs Algranati, who is so dedicated to all our music students and takes the time to give them the chance to shine in their performance.