Boys’ School Football News

What a week – 2 matches, 2 year groups, 2 HUGE wins.

On Thursday 2nd December, our Year 10 football team travelled to St James Catholic High School in Colindale. St James didn’t make it easy for the boys, but by half time Mendy L had scored an awesome shot flying past the goalkeeper. Assisted by Eli M and Osher K, Mendy L scored another goal in the second half. St James did manage to score a goal, but a final goal for Hasmonean came from Elai N who took possession of the ball 30 yards out and took a low but powerful shot. The shot went through the goalkeeper’s legs and into the net. Final score: 3-1 to Hasmonean.

The second game of the week was with the Year 9 Boys on Monday 6th December vs Bishop Douglas School in East Finchley. After a very back and forth match, Hasmonean won 4-2 with goals coming from Benji H (assisted by Uriel I-S), David B (assisted by Ben A), and two penalties from Benji H. This was a very tough game, in very hard conditions, but the Hasmo Boys worked as a team and came off victorious.

Year 10 are into the 3rd Barnet Cup and Year 9 are in the semi-finals! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!