Beis Chazak Shabbaton to Lower Mill Estate

Beis Chazak aims to provide a tailor-made programme, for a selection of pupils in Year 11-13, where the focus is the boys’ personal growth and journey of Yiddishkeit. Beis Chazak’s intention is to generate an atmosphere of achdus and to instil a sense of Jewish pride.

The goal is to provide a deeper understanding of Judaism and foster a greater connection to it; equipping the pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to support them as young Jewish adults into their lives after school.

Last week, we went big and took the boys on a shabbaton to Lower Mill Estate – ‘The Venice of the Cotswolds.’ There were too many memories created on this Shabbaton to share them all, but some highlights included: the ruach of Kabalat Shabbat in full view of the lake, a 5km trek through the woods in pitch black, kayaking on the lake, and biking through the woods.

Some parents have already shared with us the impact that this had on their sons:

“Yitzi had the most wonderful time and enjoyed every minute. The food, atmosphere, Davenning, all the activities etc. were all outstanding and so well organised. This Shabbaton will be one that Yitzi will remember for a very long time.”

“Noam came home on a high and I’m very grateful. The ruach you gave over has definitely left an impact and something they will always remember. We don’t always see it and we might not always show it, but it’s things like these that really go a very long way and though the kids don’t always show it, you’re obviously doing brilliantly and it’s moments like these that will stay with them always.”

Rabbi Doron Birnbaum together with Rabbi Amram Landau and Mr Avi Markewicz, have tirelessly worked on creating a programme for these boys that regularly runs outstanding projects, trips, and a dynamic Jewish curriculum.

If you would like to be involved in this project, please email