Beis Chazak – Rosh Chodesh

Rosh Chodesh Adar 1 saw a packed Beis Chazak programme. Fathers, sons and close family members came together for Tefillah. It was genuinely awe inspiring to see two generations putting on Tefillin and davening together. It was a very special experience to hear so many raising their voices to join in Hallel. The sound was particularly sweet as the sound of song in prayer had been silenced for so long.

Everyone enjoyed a fabulous Bagels Bar breakfast as well as words of Chizuk from Rabbi Landau, who spoke about the meaning of true joy, weaving together many different ideas of Chazal. Rabbi Golker spoke about how the message of the Torah is timeless, yet sometimes the means of communicating that message changes. Beis Chazak is part of the dynamic communication that is needed for these boys.

Thank you to Mr Markiewicz who ensured that as many parents as possible attended. And thank you to Rabbi Doron Birnbaum, who started Beis Chazak four years ago. It felt like a milestone had been reached to see a packed Beis Midrash. The boys who attend are all thriving on their individual journeys towards a stronger sense of their Yiddishkeit.