Assembly at the Boys’ School

On the morning of Wednesday 9th March, boys from Years 7-10 were gathered in the main hall for an assembly about the situation in Ukraine. Rabbi Golker began the proceedings with a stirring comparison about how the Brisker Rov ZT”L and Rebbetzin Kotler O”H, demonstrated their own grief, whilst showing solidarity for those who were actually experiencing hard times, be it in WW2, or surviving major fires in Brisk.

This was followed by Rabbi Fachler, who played a live report from Mr Jeremy Posen, one of the heads of the Tikva Orphanage in Odessa, who has been with the orphans and the community since the outbreak of the war. He gave the boys an up-to-date account of the plight of the orphans and the other families – their current whereabouts, how they all managed to cross the border and what the future looks like for them, now that they have nothing but the clothes on their backs.

The boys then watched the historical and moving speech given by Ukrainian President Zelensky to Parliament.

Mrs Lebrett gave the closing remarks, encouraging the boys to think of their own comfort when they go to bed in their own bedrooms and never take that for granted, especially after what we have witnessed with the all of the refugees from Ukraine.

The assembly concluded with Tehilim led by Rabbi Fachler.