A Trio of Cambridge Psychologists

This October, three alumni of Hasmonean Girls will be embarking on their next academic adventure. Hannah (Kings), Hannah (Jesus) and Aurelia (Lucy Cavendish) will all be taking their places at Cambridge to read Psychology.

Hannah studied Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Psychology at A-level, following her academic success with a year at MMY. She wrote of her time in Sem: ‘It just made me appreciate the diversity within our nation and the connection we all have to each other – there’s a reason why almost everyone has an “only in Israel” story. My favourite part outside of the learning was visiting ancient places and walking where our ancestors did.’ While in Cambridge, Hannah is excited to ‘start the journey of learning how I can positively affect the future of healthcare, mental health and psychology.’ Ultimately, she would like to work with schools helping to improve approaches to neuro-divergent children.

Aurelia had two gap years after completing A-levels in Maths, Economics and Psychology (as well as an EPQ). For her first gap year, she attended TVA, a Bnei Akiva Sem. The programme included learning, working on Kibbutz, teaching English and touring the Land. Her second year was spent working as a special needs (SEN) teaching assistant in a primary school. At Lucy Cavendish, Aurelia will be studying PBS (psychological and behavioural sciences) with the option of adding sociology and philosophy modules. Her dream is to be a clinical psychologist but as she loves working with children the path of educational psychology is also an option.

Hannah studied Psychology, Maths and Chemistry at A-level followed by a year at Michlalah. She particularly appreciates the support given by Hasmonean in creating her Personal Statement and giving her the confidence to apply for Jesus. Her year in Jerusalem was an amazing experience where she was able to be completely immersed in Torah studies, whilst also discovering more about our connection to Eretz Yisrael through the many Tiyulim organised by Michlalah. Hannah is really looking forward to the next three years at Cambridge. Her time in Israel has affirmed her desire to make Aliyah and train as a clinical psychologist once she has completed her degree.

All three young women are wonderful examples of what can be achieved through sheer hard work and the support of school, family and friends. It is not easy for a young, religious woman to go up to Cambridge- by going together, they can support each other and contribute to the rich Jewish student life around Thompsons Lane, as well to the wider student community.

Good luck to you all!