Girls’ Jack Petchey Winners

The grant money that was won by the three girls below is being put towards financing an environmental project and ‘Happy Puzzle’ resources for our SEND students.

Gila G in Year 8 was awarded for her positive attitude to facing challenges, hard work raising money for Tzedakah and showing kindness to others.
Maayan M in Year 8 was awarded because she is kind to everyone and helps people when they need to be helped. For instance, she helped someone find their schoolbag when they lost it and always makes sure students are included.
Yael S in Year 8 is also very kind to others. She has made outstanding contributions to the school council. She is a very good student who contributes well and is always there to help her peers.

A very big well done to our worthy winners.

Louise Yaros & Rebecca Challice
Jack Petchey Coordinators