AJEX Parade – Sunday 20th November 2022

Dear All

Thank you so much to the staff who assisted on Friday for our Wear Red and Remembrance Assemblies and particularly those who joined me at Horse Guards and by the Cenotaph on Sunday in the cold and then the rain.

It was the 80th year of the parade and although there are few veterans left from the Second World War it was a valuable opportunity to thank all those who have risked their lives and in many cases lost their lives to defend our freedoms. There are currently 400-500 serving Jewish men and women who serve in a variety of roles. One of them is Staff Sergeant Dan Fox, the Chair of AJEX who spoke at the Boys’ School on Friday.

Travelling home with my eight-year old son, we met a retired couple who take part every year. The gentleman told me that his medals were earned by his father who was killed in action in the Second World War when he was only 20. This gentleman was a baby at the time and his mother was left a very young widow.

Attached are some photographs of our students. Abigail (Yr7) and Yonatan (Yr9) held the banners and Jodie (Yr13) laid poppies at the cenotaph. Leya (Yr10) attended the pre parade reception where we were addressed by Chief Rabbi Mirvis and the President of the Board of Deputies.  You will notice Alyssa Teper (ex Hasmonean student) in the photos who is now in the police force so was on duty yesterday.

We will remember them.

Mrs L Yaros
Subject Leader History