Yom Iyun

It’s not all about the Cheesecake!

Learning continued at Hasmonean High School for Girls with an inspirational Yom Iyun run by Rabbi Bennett. The girls chose from 10 different tracks, ranging from high level text based learning with Rabbi Golker, Rabbi Silverman, Miss Simonsson and Miss Goldblatt to creative activities which included drama, media, art and food preparation! All sessions included Torah learning based on sources and themes connected to Shavuos.

During lesson 5, all of the students in Years 7- 10 came together in the hall where they heard from Rebbetzin Ilana Epstein, an inspiring Jewish educator who delved into the hidden meaning and significance of the special foods associated with Shavuot. She demonstrated a cheesecake recipe and then this was followed by representatives from each form making their own cheesecake with a MasterChef style tasting competition at the end of the period!

Thank you to Rabbi Bennett and Miss Rabson for their tireless enthusiasm in organising this event. You have inspired the girls and led them into Shavuot with a stronger understanding of the inyanim behind the festival.