Yom HaAzmaut – 71 years young!

There was with joy and excitement at Hasmonean High School for Girls:

The morning began with a heartfelt Tefila. Rabbi Silverman gave a short speech about living the reality of a life in Israel – the meaning and the joy of having a homeland after so many years. This is what we were celebrating. After a beautiful rendition of Tov l’Hodot and HaTikva from a small choir, the Sixth Form then led Hallel.

As Hallel ended, the students burst into dance in the hall. The Sixth Form outdid themselves when they set up and decorated the hall with blue and white flags, leading Tefila and ensuring that even the youngest students joined in the ever increasing circles.
Other activities included writing letters to lone soldiers to express our appreciation for their commitment to the land of Israel. There was, as always, a separate discussion track led by Rabbi Golker and Rabbi Kenigsberg. And of course… breakfast!

To end the celebration, they sang Hatikva before the girls began their lessons.

Thank you to each and every one of you who made Yom HaAtzmaut morning so special and significant. If we can’t be in Israel today- at least we can be a part of the celebration in our corner of NW7.