Years 7, 8 and 9 Boys’ Day Out To “The Lost Jungle” Mini Golf And The Flip-Out, Ninja, Trampoline Park

After a roll call at the boys’ school, we divided up into 4 groups and set off in our convoy of minibuses at 9.45 am. Two groups set off for the golf and two to the trampoline park and then we would swop over after lunch.

My group was headed for the mini golf, only a quick jaunt up the A41. We arrived there in glorious sunshine only to be told that there was no booking. Once that initial hiccup was overcome, we read the boys the “course rules”, or the “riot act”, including things they needed to know such as “do not follow the balls into the water traps to retrieve them!” and “do not swing the clubs around your head”, we then divided the boys into groups and set off around the “Congo” course. With the sun beating down it really was like being in the “Congo”!

The staff also joined in with their rounds of golf and proceeded around the quieter “Amazon” course, Mrs Barak did extremely well scoring an exceptionally high round, whoops! I thought the idea was to get an extremely low score, perhaps there is not much mini-golf in Israel!

All of the staff assisting the group, Mrs Barak, Mrs Hamilton, Miss Le Brech and Mrs Chaudhary, with Rabbi Amar’s impeccable direction, were in complete agreement about the exemplary way all of the boys behaved in the minibuses, and whilst out and about at the venues, every one of them was a great credit to themselves, their families, the school and K’Lal Isroel. They were a pleasure to be with throughout the day.

Our thanks also to the overall MC Mr Tutty for the organisation of events that the boys thoroughly enjoyed.

Mr J Cohen