Year 6 Boys – Meet and Greet

On Thursday afternoon, over one hundred cars arrived in the school playground, carrying the boys who will join us for Year 7 this September. They were welcomed by members of staff and each boy received a welcome pack to take home.

For two hours, cars flowed into the playground, all brilliantly choreographed by Benji Shebson from the HIPE department, ably assisted by Kevin, Hasmonean’s amazing site manager.

Staff members who welcomed the boys included: Mrs Lebrett, Mr Kalley, Ms Benarroch, Mrs Fine, Rabbi Amar, Rabbi Hager, Mr Markiewicz, Rabbi Fachler, and Benji Shebson. Each staff member took time to chat with the parents and students in every car.

It was a really beautiful event and congratulations to Benji for yet another successful event in these testing times.