On a sunny Thursday afternoon, the entire cohort of Year 9 girls walked to the Unitas Youth Zone in Burnt Oak. This centre is a new initiative for local youth, and our girls had been given the chance to try out the activities. These included: boxing, dodgeball, climbing, tag rugby, bracelet making, dance, art, music and the use of computers, pool tables and tennis tables.

The contact at the centre is Ms C Greenberg, an ex-JFS student, who is really proactive and keen to do anything she can to make the centre work for the girls and be a hub for the community. The idea behind the outing was twofold: to promote achdus among this lovely year group and to offer them an exciting selection of after school leisure activities.

The girls had a really wonderful time, enjoying the walk, the activities and each other’s company.
Thank you to Mrs Canoville who organised the event and to all the staff who walked with the girls.