Spring Term Return to School Arrangements

Dear Parents,

Spring Term Return to School Arrangements

As you will be aware, yesterday, the Government announced that for the first week of next term, January 4th– 8th 2021, secondary schools would open only for:

  • Students in Year 11
  • Students in Year 13

In addition, the school will be open for:

  • Students in all year groups whose parents are critical workers
  • Students in other year groups who have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Students in all year groups who are vulnerable

Definitions of which students fall into the categories in italics above can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision


If your child is in Years 7-10/12 and falls into the italicized categories and may therefore attend school, please complete the Google form below by 23rd December so that we can make appropriate arrangements. Unless, you register your child using this form we regrettably will not be able to admit them as we will not be able to open safely.



Teaching for Year 11 and Year 13 and Other Students in School


  • As previously advised, teaching will begin at 10.30 am on January 4th, other than Beis at the Boys’ School
  • Year 11 will have regular lessons as normal.
  • Year 13 mocks will continue as planned.
  • BTEC exams will continue as planned.
  • Beis will run will as usual for Years 11 and 13 from 7.20 am on Monday 4th
  • All students in Year 7-10 should bring in their Chromebooks and Year 12 should bring in laptops where possible, fully charged and a set of headphones. Those students in Year 7-10 and Year 12 in school will be taught via Google Classroom by the teacher in the same way as those at home.
  • The kitchen will be providing meals for those in school for this week.

All students who are in school will be expected to follow the normal uniform guidelines.


Teaching for Year 7-10 and Year 12

The provision for Years 7-10 and Year 12 will be the same for those at home and those in school. Students will follow their normal timetables but please take note of the following points.

  • There will be a pastoral check-in at 10.20 am with Year Leaders on Monday 4th January for Year 7-10. Students should login to their pastoral check in classroom.
  • As previously advised, teaching will begin at 10.30 am on January 4th Years 7-10.
  • Beis for Year 12 will run as usual but online.
  • Sessions will be slightly shorter than usual to account for the fact that teachers will be having to leave traditional lessons in school to go to a different room to deliver online lessons. Students should logon onto the relevant Google classroom and wait for the teacher to let them into the Live Meet.
  • The majority of sessions will involve ‘live’ teaching and will also involve teachers setting independent work during these sessions, as they would in live lessons. Some sessions will involve pre-recorded or uploaded materials.
  • Free School Meal vouchers will be sent to those who are eligible to receive them in January.
  • Information regarding Sunday school at the boys’ school for Sunday 10th January (Years 7 to 10 and 12) will be sent out during the first week of term.
  • Important – Year 10 Science and Year 7 Modern Hebrew have timetable changes. Students need to go to SMHW/Satchel:1 for timetable information.


You will also be aware that there are plans for rapid testing of school students and staff. More information will follow at the beginning of January.

Students from all year groups will be expected back in school on January 11th unless we are directed otherwise by the Government.

If there is any further information in regard to these matters, we will update you in due course.

With kind regards,

Mr A McClusky                Mrs D Lebrett                   Mrs K Brice

CEO                                     Headteacher – Boys       Headteacher – Girls