Space and STEM Summer School: Mission Discovery

In 2018, one of our Year 10 students was part of the Space and STEM Summer School called Mission Discovery held at Kings College London (KCL). Students were competing to launch an experiment of their own design to the International Space Station (ISS).

Our student, Shiri, was in the team TITAN pHive and they had to present their idea in front of 250 people, as well as the board of judges. TITAN pHive won the competition! NASA is now preparing her experiment and it will be launched into space on Saturday 7th March where the ISS astronauts will conduct Shiri’s experiment! Her experiment will be handed over to SpaceX to be launched on SpaceX20, where astronauts aboard the ISS will conduct her experiment and send the recordings down to earth.

Shiri’s experiment is called ‘Planarian Flatworm Regeneration in Microgravity’, and will measure the rate of cell division in space using GFP.