Shavuot Girls Learning

Hasmonean Girls received the Torah in their own way in the week preceding Shavuot. On Tuesday evening Rebbetzin Shalvie Friedman and Miss Simonsson led a chavruta based learning session for daughters, mothers, friends and alumnae to join together to delve into a range of texts and learn about the real meaning of humility. There was a fabulous dessert buffet, with a selection of cheesecake, fruits and other delicacies to keep the learning going. Rebbetzin Friedman completed the evening with a shiur about why Har Sinai was chosen for the venue of the wedding between B’nai Yisrael and the Torah.

The event was a wonderful success, and gave all who attended a great spiritual start to Shavuot. Thank you to the PTA and Family Rowe who sponsored it in the memory of Zusher Alexander ben Pinchos and Chaya Sorah bat Hirsh Zvi.