Purim Party at Hasmonean School for Girls

The fun and frolics began on Rosh Chodesh Adar with uniform clad staff slipping in among the girls during assembly. There may even have been a couple of visitors from the dark side surreptitiously joining them!

In the week before Purim there was Twin Tuesday, Pink Wednesday, Tichel Thursday and Boy’s Tie Friday! Tichel Thursday took the girls back to the days of the shtetl with the Sixth Form girls dressed as rabbis and rebbetzens from der heim. Cholent and kugel were served at our authentic Chassidische tish.

On Erev Purim, the staff delighted the girls with their own version of the school play ‘Peter Pan’. There were skits from the Sixth Formers and lots of general jollification!

The festivities and fun continued at the Girls’ School with a magnificent Purim party full of fancy dress, fabulous music, photo magnets, frozen coffee, fantastic pizza, fun inflatables, and frivolous dancing!