Medical Society event at Cambridge University

Announcements are regularly made on the Show My Homework noticeboard which include: open days, courses and special events, like Career Fairs. One such opportunity that two of our girls took up was to attend the Medical Society event at Cambridge University.

One of our Year 12 students wrote the following about the event: “I wanted to write about my experience at the Gonville and Caius Medical Society event this week. During the event, the heads and officers from the Medicine Society spoke to us about the course and studying at Cambridge University; the application process and the examinations we would need to take before applying. Then we went on a tour around the campus, looking at the halls, the courtyards, the libraries and the common areas. This part gave us all an insight into what life would be like if we were studying in the college and the residential and community side was very appealing. These tours were led by the third year medical students and, therefore, we had the opportunity to ask any questions that we had about the course, the college and just university in general.

Following this, we were split into groups for a supervision (tutorial) session, where we spend 15 minutes in small groups learning briefly about parts of the anatomy, physiology and immunology aspects of the course. It was very useful for me to experience the style of learning used so often in the university and see if this learning style was suitable for me, especially as everyone learns in different ways.

Finally, we were given a lecture in the auditorium about why nerves are so slow, which is a topic taught when students first arrive on the course. The lecture was very interesting, both in style and topic, and so it was very beneficial for us to experience.

Overall, going to this event was very helpful for me when thinking about where to apply for university to do medicine next year. I personally always thought I would stay in London, seeing as the course is so long. However, seeing the campus life and the different teaching styles there, as well as the answers to the questions I asked about how the course is split, has made me reconsider and want to look further into universities outside London for my degree.”