One of the unsung heroes of Hasmonean’s Covid operations is Debbie Lebrett, Headteacher at the Boys’ School. As the vaccination programme began to roll out, she began to research how to get as many teachers as possible vaccinated before the return to school on March 8th. Teachers began to receive emails asking them to send permission to share details, so that if any vaccines became available, they could ‘drop everything’ and get straight to a vaccination centre. Working with a small, dedicated crew of volunteer vaccinators, she was able to quickly learn of the availability of ‘spare’ vaccines and so protect the staff. Mrs. Lebrett was, and still is, in constant contact with surgeries and pharmacies to see if there are any leftover doses at the end of a session of vaccinations so that they can be offered to teachers.  So far, about 40 staff have been vaccinated thanks to her efforts and that number is rising.

As we move towards March 8th and the reopening of school in a physical sense, the confidence of staff to return has been enormously boosted knowing that they are all far less vulnerable to this awful illness.