HIPE (Hasmonean Informal Programmes & Education) is a new and exciting aspect of life at Hasmonean. Run by outstanding and vibrant educators, HIPE adds to the amazing kodesh programme and has rejuvenated the informal education.

HIPE UNITE was a crowd funding campaign run by HIPE, the informal department of Hasmonean boys’ and girls’ schools. The campaign made this year’s unusual Purim have an incredible buzz for all the students and indeed the community. The aim of HIPE UNITE was to UNITE our community virtually through Hasmonean students raising money for 19 key charities to counter COVID 19.

HIPE UNITE was launched at 6pm on 24 February with an initial target of £50,000 but ultimately raised over £160,000. Between students and staff, 321 teams were created, some of which used HIPE’s own amazing Purim Shpiel, which has gone viral, whilst others created their own spiels to send out to friends, family and other potential donors. In total over 4000 donors contributed to the various good causes. Through this campaign, 19 communal charities, which have been invaluable in helping so many during this pandemic, will receive vital funds to support them throughout the year. These charities include GIFT, Kef, Hatzola, Chai, Chana and Kisharon etc.

A trustee of KEF expressed delight in ”seeing the younger generation bringing charities together raising vital funds for so many charitable originations, in a revolutionary way. Despite 19 recipients each charity is still receiving a substantial donation so we can all continue to offer much needed services to our Kehila”.

Rabbi Golker, Manahel of Hasmonean commented: “The HIPE team have shown again that they are an exciting and essential part of life at Hasmonean. If this is what they can do in lockdown, I can’t wait to see their impact when we return to normal school life”.

It will be a virtual Purim that neither the students nor the charities will forget!

Speaking of virtual connection, HIPE did not just stop with the HIPE UNITE campaign. Every student received a HIPE UNITE Purim gift to emblazon cars and pavements with individual messages. Both the Girls and Boys HIPE staff organized online Purim celebrations. All of the girls enjoyed a virtual Purim party on Thursday night which included Dancing with Louise for Purim and an ‘Escape the Zoom’ game, as well as spiels from the teachers based on the mishaps of the Google classroom! The boys enjoyed a mind reader, a late-night pizza bake and a very special ‘’Hasmo’s Got Talent’’!

The final sum raised was a phenomenal £163,740! This was an incredible achievement on the part of the students, HIPE team and staff of the school. Thank you so much to all who contributed.