HIPE: Girls’ School Years 12 and 7 Events

Wednesday was a wonderful double bill of events. The day kicked off with a breakfast and speaker for Year 12. The common room was transformed thanks to the HIPE team and the girls really felt as if they were in a grander venue with small elegant tables with flowers and individual breakfast boxes for each student.

Psychologist Yaakov Bar was welcomed to the breakfast to speak to the students about accepting their individual life circumstances. The action continued with a range of team building activities out on the fields. The laughter echoing out of the school certainly showed that these games helped the girls to bond after what has been a very challenging few months. Thank you to the staff who gave up their lessons so the girls could let loose and bond with one another.

The second part of the day saw Year 7 enjoy an in-house Achdus Trip. They also completed a different set of team building activities, enjoyed a treasure hunt around the school followed by a social distanced dancing session and, of course, finished off with a pizza delivery!

Every part of the day was perfectly organised by the HIPE team: your energy and creativity are an inspiration to us all. We are blessed to have you in our school.

Thank you to our temporary site team who took care of all the logistics and furniture moving to make the day run smoothly.