HIPE Bat Mitzvah event

Our first HIPE Bat Mitzvah event took place on Wednesday afternoon in a packed-out hall, recognising those who had had their bat mitzvahs in the first part of this year.

The evening began with an engaging talk from Shira Druin, followed by the Bat Mitzvah girls receiving a book from Rabbi Golker. These girls were given a large photo of themselves which the whole year group signed, feeling special on this important occasion of their lives.

This was followed by a painting activity, led step-by-step by the talented Suri Neufeld, and every single girl was fully engaged. The girls then enjoyed a surprise pizza delivery.

The importance of these celebrations at the moment are hugely significant, as restrictions prevent anything like this taking place outside of school. On both a wellbeing level and as part of their Jewish journey this was a tremendous success.

The laughter and fun was felt by all. Special thanks to the staff who stayed after school and supported this wonderful event and to Kevin, Michael and Carmel, our amazing site team.

It was so wonderfully organised, the girls were so engaged and really enjoyed the HIPE Bat Mitzvah celebration.