Hasmonean Matched Funding Campaign: We Need Your Help!

Dear Parent

Thank you once again to all those who have signed up to be a Team Leader for Hasmonean’s matched funding campaign that will take place from 10am on Sunday 30th April until 10pm on Monday 1st May.

Our campaign theme is “Be The Difference” which embodies the daily efforts we make to better the lives of our students.

This week’s Parsha (Parshas Kedoshim, Vayikra 19, 9-10) commands us to emulate Hashem and partner Him in displaying charity and kindness to the poor. Rav Hirsch adds that a Jew must discharge his responsibilities to others before he regards his crops as his own. Even at the moment of his harvest, when a full season of labour comes to its climax, he must leave part of his crop for the poor before he takes it for himself and his family.

The Torah’s exhortation to give to others in this week’s Parsha is timely and timeless.

To that end, we kindly ask that each Hasmonean family that has not yet signed up to consider becoming a team leader by hosting a team page and requesting donations from friends, family, colleagues, and associates to support Hasmonean. By doing so, you can help us reach new donors and raise much-needed funds, however large or small.

Please sign up today using this link:

It will take less than a minute.

We hope you enjoy our video which captures the essence of the campaign.

Your support is hugely appreciated and essential to the success of the campaign.

Thank you for being the difference.

Yours sincerely

Ben Shooter, Trustee – Hasmonean MAT and Chair of Hasmonean’s Fundraising Committee
Andrew McClusky, CEO – Hasmonean MAT
Gary Swabel, Chair of Trustees – Hasmonean MAT