Girls’ School Sixth Form Societies

Green Society

Hasmonean’s alumni body rose to the challenge of the call for speakers. The first was Ilana Goodkin, who became the inaugural guest speaker at The Green Society, a school club run by Sixth Formers, Hodaya and Hannah.

Ilana spoke about the challenges we face to lead a sustainable life and combat climate change. Ilana wrote: ‘I just saw the email about the Green Society looking for speakers at their monthly sessions. Firstly, I just want to say that I think this initiative is AMAZING and it’s so great to see that Hasmo is making an effort to boost environmental awareness! I left Hasmo in 2013, studied Geography at UCL, and I’m now doing a masters at Tel Aviv University in Environmental Studies. While I don’t have anything specific that I’m researching for me to talk about, I would love to share some of the material I’m learning in my course at the moment. One course is on environmental health, and the other is on sustainable food systems (the material in both these courses is often tied to how climate change will affect both these areas).’

She led a very informal yet lively session, with the girls being as excited about her green credentials, as well as the fact that she is studying in Israel.

Art Club

Chedva S and Liat S, two of our Year 12 students have set up an after-school art club – a great way to unwind after a day of studying online. The picture below comes from the last session on calligraphy.