Girls’ School – Behind The Mask

HIPE was delighted to announce its newest initiative: #behindthemask

The idea of the programme is to open the girls’ eyes and enthuse them with an attitude of gratitude. Ultimately there is always someone “behind the mask” orchestrating every event in our lives, and someone who it is important to have gratitude towards.

This fits into this time of year in the Jewish calendar, which is very much focused on growth and reflection.

After these past few months at home, we feel all of our students can benefit from some out of classroom informal bonding and the JS department kindly allowed HIPE to use their class time for the sessions to take place.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, each year group had an exciting session in the hall which included a balloon release (please be reassured the balloons are biodegradable latex), tie dying masks, learning about gratitude, and some more exciting surprises. The HIPE team regaled the girls with stories, examples of how Hashem directs our world and lots of humour- always the best way of ensuring an important message remains.

At a time, when we cannot do so much of what we usually do, the HIPE event certainly helped the girls to focus on the significance of the Atzeret Yemei Teshuva and how we interact with each other.