Editorial – GCSE Results Information – 23rd August 2022

Dear Parents,


GCSE, L2 BTEC and L2 WJEC students will be able to collect their results on Bromcom from 8.00am on Thursday 25th August 2022. The day before results day access to the ‘exams’ icon on Bromcom will be locked out. School will be not open on 25th August.


Students who do not have a login for Bromcom, or cannot remember their password, must email bromcomvle@hasmonean.co.uk urgently.


Please note that final certificates are not available until early November 2022.


Once a student has a login, full instructions on how to view their results on Bromcom can be found on the Hasmonean website under Information\Students\Exams.  These instructions can be downloaded and printed if they wish.  Please also take note of the following BTEC grade codes:


*2 – Distinction* at level 2

D2 – Distinction at level 2

M2 – Merit at level 2

P2 – Pass at level 2

P1 – Pass at level 1


Where a query exists about a student’s results, a zoom appointment can be booked to see either of us.  Appointments will be allocated in priority order. Please email either j.leigh@hasmonean.co.uk for boys or j.owusu@hasmonean.co.uk for girls.


Students who have missed out on a Sixth Form place or have any queries about their Sixth Form place can email the following people:


Girls – Ms Valencia, Head of Sixth Form at c.valencia@hasmonean.co.uk , please also copy in Mrs Brice, Headteacher at k.brice@hasmonean.co.uk


Boys – Rabbi M Cohen, Head of Sixth Form at m.cohen@hasmonean.co.uk , please also copy in Mrs Lebrett, Headteacher at d.lebrett@hasmonean.co.uk


We will be contactable via email throughout the remainder of the school holidays to deal with any grade-boundary and re-mark requests.


An FAQ document dealing with how examination results have been arrived at this year and applications for copies of papers/re marks etc. is attached.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs J Leigh                                                   Ms J Owusu

Exams Officer – Boys’ School                   Exams Officer – Girls’ School



GCSE/L2 BTEC/L2 WJEC Examination FAQs

Summer 2022


How were my/my child’s grades arrived at this year?

Grades this summer were based on examination results, NEA (non-examination assessment) and BTEC/WJEC coursework.

What do I do if I am not happy with my/my child’s grade?

All students have the opportunity to ask for a review of their overall grade. It is important to note that a review may result in a grade being lowered, staying the same, or going up. If a student puts in a review and their grade is lowered, they will receive the lower mark. If you are considering a review, please contact your examination officer to find out where your marks are in relation to the grade boundaries for each subject you are interested in.

There is also the option to re sit GCSEs in English Language and Maths in autumn 2022, which may be preferable for some students. The design, content and assessment of these papers will be the same as in a normal year. Any student wishing to re sit any other GCSEs would need to do so in summer 2023. BTEC re sits may be available in January /May 2023.

GCSE re sits are due to take place 31st October -7th November 2022. The deadline for entries will be available in early September 2022.


Can I see a copy of my Script?


Yes, this service is free for AQA and Pearson, unless you want to see a copy of your script AFTER a review of marking has been completed. Details of the fees for WJEC are given below.


If you wish to see a photocopy of your script/the original, you should fill in form A (attached) on or after results day.


The deadline for asking for a priority copy of your script for AQA is 8th September 2022. If you would like to see your original script you can apply to AQA between 5th September 2022 – 29th September 2022.


The deadlines for Pearson are 29th September 2022 for an original copy (and a photocopy of a reviewed script) and 16th December 2022 for a photocopy.


The deadlines for WJEC are 8th September 2022 for a priority copy of your script and 29th September 2022 in other circumstances.


Are there any fees for Reviews this summer?

Yes. Details are available on the attached Form A.

What Different Types of Reviews are there?

There are two main types of reviews you can ask for after results day, as follows: –

  1. A clerical recheck-this just tells you whether the examiner added up the marks on your paper correctly. The deadline is 29th September 2022.
  2. A review of marking-this is where the examination board looks at whether they have applied the mark scheme correctly. The deadline is 29th September 2022.

Pearson also offer a priority review of marking -this is used where a college/sixth form place is contingent on the grade you receive.  The deadline is 1st September 2022.