Editorial – GCSE/ BTEC Results – 25th August 2022

Dear Parents,


Re: GCSE/ BTEC results


Following on from the excellent results awarded to our A level and BTEC students last week, we are delighted that so many of the Year 11 students have also done very well despite the disruption to their learning.  50 students (25 boys and 25 girls) achieved at least 8 top grades (7-9 or BTEC equivalent). The tables below give the full picture.



Grades 9-7 49%
Grades 9-4   89%
Students achieving 5 9-4 grades 84%
Students with 5 9-4 including Maths and English 83%
Average points per candidate 53



Grades 9-7 62%
Grades 9-4 95%
Students achieving 5 9-4 grades 91%
Students with 5 9-4 including Maths and English 87%
Average points per candidate 60

However, while we can rejoice in these successes, there is no doubt that the pandemic has affected this cohort more than most and we are therefore very proud of what they have achieved notwithstanding the challenges they have faced.


GCSE and BTEC Grades

The grades which students now have access to on Bromcom are their final grades.


Students with queries about their examination grades should contact the examinations officers at each school:


Hasmonean High School for Girls Exams Officer: Ms Janell Owusu        j.owusu@hasmonean.co.uk


Hasmonean High School for Boys Exams Officer: Mrs Jane Leigh           j.leigh@hasmonean.co.uk


Queries about entry onto A Level and BTEC courses in the sixth form should be directed to the relevant Head of Sixth Form:


Ms Valencia: c.valencia@hasmonean.co.uk

Mr Simberg: s.simberg@hasmonean.co.uk


The entry criteria for each course can be found in the Sixth form brochure




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Mrs D Lebrett                                                                          Mrs K Brice

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Hasmonean High School for Boys                                     Hasmonean High School for Girls