Editorial – A Level Results – 18th August 2022

Dear Parents,

A level/ BTEC results

After a very difficult two years with the disruption to learning which the pandemic brought and without the practice of doing their GCSE exams, we are delighted that the A level and BTEC results which are published today demonstrate the hard work and commitment of our students.  The tables below show how well the students have performed.  More than one third of the students achieved at least 3 A/ Distinction grades (28 at the Boys and 26 at the Girls including one girl in Y12 who completed her A levels early) with a significant number receiving all top grades.

BOYS                                                                                                 GIRLS (Y13)

GRADE  A*/A  D*/D 63%
GRADE  A*-B 81%
GRADE  A*-C  D*-M 96%
PASS 100%
GRADE  A*/A  D*/D 58%
GRADE  A*-B 76%
GRADE  A*-C   D*-M 85%
PASS 98%





We would like to congratulate the students for working hard throughout their courses sometimes in very difficult circumstances to attain the best results possible. We are conscious that this year’s students have had a more stressful Sixth form experience than would ordinarily have been the case. They should feel enormously proud of their achievements. The results are significantly higher than the last exams in 2019 and even though this is true nationally, Hasmonean students have performed exceptionally well. To give just one measure, the proportion of A*/A grades (or their BTEC equivalent) was 46% in 2019 and this has jumped to 60 % this year across the two schools which is an outstanding achievement.

Those who have achieved the results they hoped for deserve congratulations and celebration and those who are disappointed should be commiserated with. However, the continuing critical illness of Dalia Persell is a reminder that A levels and BTEC results are only a small part of life and we should keep them in perspective. We continue to say tehillim for Dalia and wish her a refuah shleimah.


Queries about Grades

Students with queries about their examination grades should contact the examinations officers at each school:

Hasmonean High School for Girls Exams Officer: Ms Janell Owusu        j.owusu@hasmonean.co.uk

Hasmonean High School for Boys Exams Officer: Mrs Jane Leigh           j.leigh@hasmonean.co.uk

Please send specific details of your query via email. This will enable the relevant examination officer to deal with them in order of priority. Please DO NOT call the exams officer on results days as due to the large number of queries on this day, email is by far the best way to deal with your query. You can find the answer to many questions on the website through the following links. https://hasmoneangirls.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/A-level-FAQs-Summer-2022.pdf


Queries about entry onto university courses should be directed to the relevant Head of Sixth Form

Ms Valencia: c.valencia@hasmonean.co.uk

Rabbi Cohen: m.cohen@hasmonean.co.uk   Please also copy in Mr Simberg who is taking over as Head of Sixth Form at the beginning of September  s.simberg@hasmonean.co.uk


With kind regards,


Mrs Debbie Lebrett – Headteacher, Hasmonean High School for Boys

Mrs Katherine Brice – Headteacher, Hasmonean High School for Girls